Why We Exist?

At Anweshka Foundation, we believe that lack of education and substandard education are the primary bottlenecks of social progress and nation building. When every child gets opportunity to learn and acquire appropriate knowledge and relevant skills, he or she grows to become a valuable and a contributing member of society.

Over 30 million children in India have never been to any school for want of resources and infrastructure. And at least an equal number of children in the country receive poor quality of education, especially at the primary and secondary level institutions due to inadequate teaching staff and other unfavorable conditions.

Anweshka Foundation mentored by Niharika Sharma is dedicated to help the underprivileged children to overcome the challenges they face in accessing and excelling in education. We provide free education through government as well as private institutions, vocational training and career counselling services and give them scholarships to pursue higher education.

We also collaborate and adopt educational institutions to strengthen their physical, teaching, and administrative infrastructure, donate books and stationery materials for their students, and extend financial support for the institutions to maintain sanitization and other facilities.