Our Founder

Niharika Sharma is a multi-faceted social and political activist, who has always been working with a philosophy of ‘Making every life shine’. She strongly believes that education can transform lives and has been working for the betterment of deprived and underprivileged. She has done her CFA and B.Com Hons from H.L. College of Commerce, Ahmedabad, Gujarat while always actively working for social causes. With her passion for social justice and creating a positive difference in the community,    Niharika founded Anweshka Foundation in April 2021 and the NGO has been working tirelessly since then for the education and overall betterment of the kids from underprivileged background. 

Anweshka Foundation -  Mentored by Niharika Sharma aims to partner with international and national development organisations, state governments and corporate houses to make an impactful and positive change in the society.

Niharika Sharma