What We Do

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.” 

Anweshka Foundation is focused on offering the following services for the benefit of underprivileged students as well as to the academic institutions we are associated with:

Academic / Learning Support:

Anweshka Foundation has been instrumental in starting the academic journey of the kids of underprivileged background through its drive #LetEveryChildStudy- while many kids had to leave their education because of the financial constraints due to the arrival of pandemic, many kids had never been to school before. Anweshka Foundation has secured admission for more than 75 kids through government as well as private institutions and the kids are enthusiastically enjoying the learning process by enrolling themselves into the formal learning process.

Also to help the weaker students improve their performance in studies, Anweshka Foundation’s well-educated volunteers take after-school tutoring classes for students in all the subjects they need support, and at their own locations. We also organize for online classes, wherever it is feasible. The students also participate in cultural programs organized by us which not only boosts their confidence, but it also gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Adoption of Schools:

Anweshka Foundation has adopted 2 schools so far - Maharani Lakshmibai Girls School in Mathura and Kashiramji Primary School in Noida.

Maharani Lakshmibai Girls School is located in the heart of the Mathura city in Chhatta Bazaar, Holigate. The school had been in complete debris and non functional for over 5 years. We have taken the responsibility to revamp and renovate the school with modern amenities, well ventilated classrooms, library, washrooms and outdoor playing area and it will be a new learning experience for more than 200 girls living in the nearby areas.

Anweshka Foundation has also adopted Shri Kashiramji Primary School, located at Sector 45, Noida. It is a government school. The Foundation has been funding several infrastructure related projects and construction works that are taken up within the school premises. We are also strengthening the school's intellectual resources. For instance, we have donated about 300 books for the school's library and aides them in their infrastructural needs.

Financial Support:

Lack of financial resources often stands as a barrier between the students of needy families and their dreams of pursuing higher education. Anweshka Foundation identifies students who are bright in studies and are willing to pursue higher education but need financial assistance to achieve their goal. The Foundation has plans to provide scholarships for the deserving students who want to pursue higher education, besides offering skills training for the students who pass out of the school to help them prepare for a career in the future.